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Beetroot salad, AKA Salat ADOM


This is a family recipe. It’s my beloved aunt Israela from Tel Aviv who is making it for every major holiday or celebration. So it’s obviously a must dish on our table at Rosh Hashanah and it has beets so it works perfectly for the Siman Silka

5 big boiled potatoes with peels

3 medium size beetroot as well boiled with a ‘skin’ on 

  • let the vegetables cool and only then peel, works even better if after boiling and cooling it spends time in a fridge and you can plan this cooking in advance

One Tin or jar of marinated in vinegar cucumbers ( it’s around 300 g)

One tin oj jar, 500g of green peas ( don’t spill away the liquid – because its tasty ( try if you never did before, just not all  we will use it for dressing)

1 medium size red onion

3-4 spoons of apple vinegar

1 spoon of silan (date sirup)

Mayo as for the dressing starting from 5 big spoons; you have to feel ( oh i hate it too then people tell me that), it has to cover well, but not to swim if you understand what i mean.

Recommended if your meal is Halavi is mix 50/50 mayo with cream fresh

Salt and pepper to taste 

Now then we have all the ingredients ready, the secret is to cut all in small equal pieces. 

Start with an onion because we need to marinate it with silan and apple vinegar. Just mix and leave while you cut all the vegetables.  

Mix all, add salt and pepper to taste then  the mayo ( and optional sour cream) and pour in some of the peas liquid. It will help to save on mayo and soak the vegetables to blend in the flavors.

And that’s it your salad is ready 


P.S. This makes quite an impressive bowl of salad so before doubling the ingredients think twice and if you have a smaller family than at least 8 people consider making less.

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