What sounds like it could be a sign for a single person’s reality – having a date, going on the date and so on. Dates is actually the sign to end or to extinguish and comes from the hebrew word TAMAR – tam. Let’s pray that all our enemies and those who seek to harm us will end. How about the end of COVID 19?

And yes please can we have some good dates this year?

P.S. dates are known for their healing power and are rich in vitamin B6 and also have some Vitamin A and K, minerals such as (potassium, copper, magnesium,manganese. Have some calcium and iron as well)  and dietary fiber. But please keep in mind that besides being delicious it’s loaded with Fructose and Glucose (dextrose)

Ideas and recipes:

The simplest way is ofcourse just to eat a date. It’s good as it is. More common is to use dates for the desserts, as they are naturally very sweet. But it can be incorporated in savory dishes as well. Then creating savory dishes we suggest you use the Silan – dates honey

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