leeks or scallions 

Karti sounds like hebrew word Yikartu – will be cut off. It’s a little bit like with a Siman of  date then we ask for the bad times to stop now we ask for the bad people to leave us alone and on the positive note to be surrounded only with good people, strong community and real friends. And yes only with real friends you can eat as much onions as you like.

Traditionally Persian Jews tear the scallions, throw them over the shoulder and even actually say out loud the names of the enemies.

Scallions are perfect for the salads and rich in Vitamin A, C and Calcium

Leeks can be eaten raw as well as fried or stirred on in a soup 

Rich in vitamins and as part of the family of onions and garlic has lots of antioxidants, bonus you won’t cry while cutting a leek.

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