Rubia comes from the Yirbu – to increase or to plentiful. Usually symbolized by green string beans as well as  Libyan Siman for prosperity that uses sesame seeds – it’s hard to count them and we ask that this year be the year of prosperity and that we will have enough to share.

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P.S. Green string beans also known as one of the five a day are very low in calories but rich in Potassium, Calcium, Phospore  vitamins A , C 

And B9 helps to fight the tiredness and boosts the immune system.

P.S.S. Sesame seeds as they are tasty on their own are also the main ingredients in making the Thina that later must be added to hummus or can be  transformed to chalvah. As for the nutritional value, in those small grains you can find all your body needs, like in the pharmacies, as well as all the amino acids that make their value as high as the meats.

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