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Unbelievably how popular this Jewish dessert became in the last decades you can even buy this in the French bakeries around Paris. So it’s so called the renaissance of old Grandmas dessert from easter Europe or more precisely Poland- Lithuania area.

Originally it was filled with jam or cinnamon and raisins, but his unbeatable popularity became then  bakers started to fill it with chocolate.

Our beloved version has the Nutella and the cinamon to honor the traditions.

The easiest way to make babka is to start to make challah – or you just can save the ⅓ of the challah doubt and make some cake to make everyone happy.

But if you want only babka, lots of babka let’s start

4,5 – 6 cups of  regular flour ( depends on the flour and humidity you may need up to 6 cups)

1,5 cups of warm (37-40 degrees of celsius ) water

7 g of dry yeast

3 spoons of sugar

3 spoons of oil ( we recommend extra virgin olive oil)

1 big spoon of honey for the taste

100 g of sugar

1 egg

3 egg yolks

2 teaspoons of fine salt

150 g of room temperature soft butter ( use margarina if you really need it to be parve)

Meanwhile, sift and add the flour into the bowl, make a well and add the rest of the ingredients including the activated yeast and the rest of water.

Work with a food processor or knead it  by hand, just know it will take much longer and of course will demand more of the effort . Now then the dough is all firm and shiny it’s time to add the butter – cut in small pieces and incorporate it, at the beginning the dough will look messy, don’t worry it will come together, you may add a spoon or two of flour  

 Oil the bowl, make a ball and cover with the food film. Let it rise until at least doubled and even better tripled in size it can take up to 2 hours. 

 (Important note – after making the dough you can put it directly in the fridge and work with it next day, trust me the dough loves it. And yes cover it with a food film or better put into the tight container).

Next step is to roll it out as big as you can. Spread the nutella, sprinkle the cinnamon and wrapp it. Cut in two and bride. ( be warned – it’s a little bit of a mess at this point, but dont worry its just some nutella, you can always lick your fingers just be prepared with a padded baking pan (for Rosh Hashana I usually take a round one).

Cover with a film and leave it to rise in a warm environment for up to 2- 3 h ( the best result is then the fermentation process takes time).

Bake in preheated oven of 180°c for about 45 -50 minutes for a gigantic round one

Let it cool before you cut it ( the hardest part of the recipe).


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  1. Laurina Todesaite

    This babka is a hit – 8 people ate in 3 minutes!

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