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This is our family recipe good for Shavuot, Rosh Ha’Shanah, Shabbat and good drinking party. The taste much depends on the herring quality and apples. But the most important thing is never ever under any circumstances you should not mince or pulse it in food processor – only Chopped is a real Forshmak!   

✔ 4 fat herrings from the barrow with (heads and tails to be removed later);
✔ 8 pieces of white toast bread (we will cut off the crust);
✔ 0.5 litre of full milk;
✔ 4 small onions;
✔ 4 hard-boiled eggs;
✔ 3 sour apples (green smith type);
✔ 150 g of room temperature butter;
✔ 30 ml cider/apple vinegar just to marinate onions;
✔ Freshly grounded black pepper (not necessary).
Preparation will take some time and chopping skills, invite friends and family to help:

  1. Soak the bread without crust in milk;
  2. Clean, skin of and filet the Herring. Finely chop all fillets and put into bowl. Make
    sure to take off all the bones.
  3. Separate hard-boiled eggs yolks from whites. Set aside yolks, finely chop whites,
    add to chopped herring and mix.
  4. Peel the apples and take off the seeds. Finely chop it, add to the rest of ingredients
    and mix.
  5. If possible chop the onions with mandolina first and then chop with a knife to
    perfection. Poor a little of cider/apple vinegar over while chopping to marinate it (you will cry
    less, maybe…) and YES add to the rest and mix. After adding 3 onions taste, to understand if you
    want one more. Not all the onions are the same!
  6. Drain the soaked bread well. With hand mixer puree with Butter and Yolks. Add
    this creamy substance to the chopped ingredients using spatula.
  7. Taste and adjust the sweet salty sour balance. NOTE: Lithuanian Jews never add
    sugar. If you need more sweetness – add more apples.
  8. If your willpower is strong enough, put everything to the fridge for night (or at least
    – 5 hours) to set the tastes.
    Forshmak is best served on rye bread as a chaser for ice cold vodka.
    Consume within 3 days, keep in a fridge.
    B’teavon and remember you are what you eat
    Sincerely yours


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