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Gefilte fish


The flagman dish of Ashkenazi cuisine that must to be served on Rosh HaShana and Pesach and in some lucky families you can even have it for shabbat.

Some love it but many hate…. I think that the reason is that the first one that tasted came from the jar…. 

It’s a very discussed dish and every balabusta cook knows the only one way how it should be….

In some parts of  Ukraine and Russia  it’s made from a wite fish such as zander or pike  and in Poland Lithuania it’s a Karp. 

Another dispute is to leave the fish bones or take them out as well as how about the fish skin.

And the least but not last is shall we put sugar into gefilte fish or not? I would say no and my friends from Poland would say yes. No wonder that we have a gefilte fish border to make separate Litvaks and Galiciani Jews.

We present you easy (relatively) no sugar, no bones no skin gefiltefish 

Usually it takes up to 3 days to make a gefimtefish until you can fully enjoy it. This recipe will make a batch in a day and a half let’s say so, 2X quique and still incredibly delicious.

The recipe have 2 major components the Fish mass and the fish soup for the jello and 4 etapes before degustation:

  1. Making the fish balls
  2. Making the soup for jello 
  3. Boiling and oven time
  4. Cooling 

Etapes number one and two are depending on each other so if you work with ready farsh you can start with a soup if you are debonning and mincing  your own fish the soup preparation will have to wait to have all the ingredients 

For the fish balls aka gefiltefish you will need

3 kg of minced Carp  – get a ready one or make on your own be ready to work with small fish bones and spend more time in the kitchen.

3 eggs

200 g of Matzo meal

Salt and  pepper to taste 

4 onions

2 carrots

5 cloves of garlic

A bunch of parsley 

Oil to fry the vegetables 

  1. Cube and fry the onions let it cool
  2. Grade and fry the carrots let it cool
  3. Mix all the vegetables that you strained from the soup with a matzo meal and blend it to a nice purre together with fried carrots and onions. While blending add some fish soup that we already have
  4. Add to it the finally cutted parsley and minced garlic
  5. Mix all well with a minced fish and eggs
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste
  7. Let the flavors to open in the fridge at least for 2 – 3 hours but always better overnight

For the fish soup that later will become a jello

1 Carp and 6 carp heads and 6 Carp tales and all the  parts that you won’t be using to feed you or a cat  will go to  a big pot

½ head of celery root

1 root of parsley

2 celery stalks

½ leek white as well as green parts

3 carrots

3 onions

1 head of garlic

A bunch of parsley

Black pepper

English pepper

Salt to taste we suggest to start  2 S.S.

2 Bay leaves

A small piece of hot pepper to open and strengthen the flavors 

Put everything into a pot. Cover all the ingredients  with cold water and bring to boil, simmer for 2 -3 hours. 

Strain the broth – keep the vegetables we will use them as well. As for the fish it’s actually a nice finger food and the head can be served as a Rosh Siman .  If you have no intention to eat what’s left from the fish…. Wel can you at least find a cat to feed in order not to waste food? 

Boiling and oven etap

2 carrots

2 beetroots

2 onions

All cut in rings 

In a duch oven or a rank arrange the onions the fresh beets and with a wet hand form the fish balls, arrange them on a beet so it will be easy to serve it and garnish it with a carrot. Pour over the fish soup.

Now you put your duch oven on the stove and bring to boil following the 1 hour in an oven on 150 °C or put directly to a 180 °C for an Hour and a half.

Another way its just to boil little balls and let them cool in a fish brought. That way you will have nice yellow colored gefiltefish. And yes shall we put a beetroot to dise it in red or only use a carrot is another dispute of a gefiltefish story.

Let it cool and serve with love. It’s so good with Hazeret ( Chren / Horseradish ) but as the holidays are all about simanim the Hazeret is considered to be like Gzerot and we want them all to be good so we are not supposed to eat it…. Ok the mayo will have to do the job.


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