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Petit-four with leeks with a Tuniasian twist


I love leeks – fresh or cooked in a soup, in a stew or leek quiche. But I know people who are terrified and won’t ever eat one. Bad chance for those who hate leeks, this puff pastry dough filling is really delicious and out of ordinary, something that fits right for a festive occasion or gourmand aperro.


1 leek

1 apple

1 red paprika 

1 box of tuna

50 gr of olives

1 hard boiled egg

1 teaspoon of harissa 

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil for frying

1 pack of ready puff pastry 

  1. Clean well and  cut the leek
  2. Start frying it in the olive oil
  3. Add cubed paprika and continue to fry 
  4. Add cubed  apple and continue to fry until everything is ready 
  5. Cook the filing
  6. Mix it with box of tuna  cutted olives, egg and harissa 
  7. Add salt and pepper to taste 

Form little  petit- four ( like pirozhki or bourekas), brush with egg wash and bake in 180°C over until golden brown.

Let it cool a little before eating


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