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Silan soya chicken schnitzelionim (nuggets)


Then Asia  meets Europe and something good comes out for a  Rosh Hashanah

Everybody (many)  loves schnitzel , but sometimes the white of the chicken tends to be a little bit too dry and chewy.

Everybody (many) loves chinese food but it usually comes with lots of rice or noodles and in the paper box… or demands lots of work while cutting all the vegetables and mixing the spices.

I needed something tasty and easy for Rosh Hashanah so i decided to combine the flavors.Hope you will like it as much as we did.

P.S. Marinating the chicken in the soya and silan makes it irresistibly tasty and simply melts in your mouth.

Ultimate finger food that even the kids will love ( the inner child in me couldn’t stop eating)

Good to eat hot as a main dish or cold as an appetizer, apero or a blessing for the Simanim  


500g of chicken whites

For the marinate:

10 spoons of soya sauce

10 spoons of silan

3 garlic cloves crushed 

3cm of ginger finely chopped 

A pinch of hot pepper

For breading  frying 

1 big or 2 small eggs

Bread crumbs  (around 200 g or how much the meat will take) 

Flour (around 200 g or how much the meat will take) 

Oil for frying 

  1. Cut the chicken breasts to a stripes that is easy to grab and eat 
  2. Marinate at least 20 minutes or overnight
  3. Take out the chicken of the marinate and in the same ball slightly batter the eggs
  4. Prepare the nuggets by dipping each peace into flour then egg then bread crumbs 
  5. Fry on both sides in oil
  6. Serve hot or cold


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