The Round Challah on Rosh HaShana


The Round Challah on Rosh HaShana

5 cups of  regular flour ( depends on the flour and humidity you may need more up to one cup)

1,5 cups of warm (37-40 degrees of celsius ) water

7 g of dry yeast

3 spoons of sugar

3 spoons of oil ( we recommend extra virgin olive oil)

3 big spoons of honey if the honey is thick and if liquid use  0,3 cups 

1 egg

3 egg yolks

2 teaspoons of fine salt

One extra egg for the egg wash

Poppy/ sesame seeds to sprinkle on

In 0,5 cups of warm water dissolve the sugar and then spread the pack (7g) of yeast on the top and leave for 10 min to activate. 

Meanwhile, sift and  add the flour into the bowl, make a well and add the rest of the ingredients including the activated yeast and the rest of water.

Work with a food processor or by hand just know it will take much longer and of course will demand more of the effort . Then the dough is all firm and shiny. Oil the bowl, make a ball and cover with the food film. Let it rise until at least doubled and even better tripled in size it can take up to 2 hours.

Bride the challahs  you can make 2 big or 3 regular sizes. We like to make 2 and sometimes even one and that means that we need to start all over again for another one gigantic challah.  

Dont forget its round for Rosh Hashana for an easy way just do as always and attach the ends that will give you a nice round challah.

Put the baking paper  on the baking tray and arrange your challah. Cover and let it rest and grow again for 2 h 

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius. Brush with an egg wash and and sprinkle your seeds

Bake for 20 min the take out brush the white “seams” with an egg wash, sprinkle more of your chosen seeds, turn the sides of the tay and bake for another 15 min  ( if you choose to do a giant one add more time in both etaps).

The challah is ready then it has a hollow sound then tapped just like a ripped watermelon. Let it cool on the soft towels and wait to bless it on Rosh Hashanah evening.

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