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FLOIMEN TZIMMES recipe for the Rosh Hashana


After the Galitznianer TZIMMES that we cooked yesterday with Aleksandra Wilczura, here is the FLOIMEN TZIMMES recipe for the Rosh Hashana by our Best Jewish Chef Laurina Todesaite from the #CookJewishBeJewish kitchen! Shana Tova! #ROICommunity#JewishWomen#JewishEmpowerment


For 4 people

– 1 kg of beef cut in big peaces

– 4 big potatoes – cut in half if very big

– 5 big carrots – diced in rounds

– 2 onions – cut in cubes

– 300g of prune better with no stones

– 2 oranges – the zest and the juice



– 3 Bay leaves

– 1-2 sticks of cinnamon

– 6 allspice peppers

– 10 Black pepper

– 2 spoons of vegetable/beef/chicken soup powder

– Some Oil for frying the meat and onions

– 50-100 g of flour with spices

*for coating the beef*

Spices for the flour :

– 1 tea spoon of Cinnamon in powder

– 1 tea spoon of curcuma

– 1 tea spoon of sweet red paprika

– 1 tea spoon of Salt

– 1 tea spoon of freshly grounded black pepper



1. Coat the beef in the mix of flour and spices

2. Fry it in hot oil to seal the meat for about 3 minutes on each side

3. Take out the meat and put in the onions. Golden brown them.

4. Add the spices, the orange zest and the soup powder – mix and put back the meat.

5. Add one carrot ad 6 prunes

6. Pour the boiled water just to cover the meat and add the orange juice. If using cookeo or pressure pot – cook for 40 minutes if using the regular stove cook until the beef is tender 1-2 hours After the meat is tender check if the taste is good it has to be a balance of sweet souer and salty if needed you can add some sugar and lemon juice for a better balance

7. Add the rest of the carrots and the potatoes. Keep cooking. It’s around 20 minutes in cookeo/under pressure or 45-60 minutes on low in a regular pot

8. B’TEAVON – Smacznego – Bon Apetite!

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