About the Project

Rosh Hashanah Seder on Zoom and virtual Cooking academy

First of all we want to express our deepest Gratitude to Charles and Lynn chusterman Family Foundation for helping us to create this Rosh Hashanah edition virtual cooking academy and  making this happen.

This event was made possible through the ROI Community Grassroots Events program.

To be honest it’s been already a while that we were thinking of creating some kind of Cooking academy. We even thought of calling it  white and blue, but as time passed we stayed passive, occasionally cooking and animating parts of the projects  and out of the blue one day the Corona and the quarantine got us. Being locked up and sitting at home with very limited possibility to go out is hard enough but what was as hard as that for many among our friends is cooking at home. Meal after meal day after day including shabbat and Pesach. We had a chance to be invited to take part in   Jew Salsa Pesach project and started mini videos of Pesach Cooking to help our friends find inspiration  in the kitchen. It was a success and we had fun and people loved it because unfortunately the virus is still here and we can’t as usually gather in a big community or family to celebrate it. We will be cooking at home and staying at home. We hope that those who will be cooking will find tasty and easy to follow recipes or interesting ideas to create their own dish.  And for those who are staying at home alone we have the ZOOM Rosh Hashanah Seder planned with all the simanim and shirim and fun.

 Book your date for 19 of September – This year on ZOOM and b Shana Abaa in Person

Meet the ROI people who are making this happen:

David El Shatran and the JewSalsa

Aleksandra Wilczura and the Zukunft

Shendl Copitman Kovnatskiy

Mark Kovnatskiy

Laurina Todesaite and the #CookJewishBeJewish