Virtual Rosh Hashana Diner – 19th September

Dear #CookjewishBeJewish Friends and Global Jewish Community Members ! Thank you so much for being with us on ZOOM Rosh HaShana Seder. It was an honour and great pleasure to host you. We didn’t expect 75 of you to join us today and it REALLY means A LOT to us. We are here for you to share, support, celebrate and have fun !We gathered from all other the world – Belarus, France, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, USA and UK – celebratrating New 5781 Year. We hope that this year will be better and together we will become stronger! Shanah Tovah u Metuka!This year on ZOOM, next year OFFLINE! ❤️🤞

Rosh Hashanah is around the corner and these days are full of last minute tasks to complete and new things to start. It’s time to look back and project forward.  For many of us those days are both full of happiness and anticipation that mixed with a bit of  uncertainty for tomorrow, but still  very optimistique and full of hope.

Rosh Hashanah is all about the family, friends and community. We were used to big  gatherings around big tables at home, community center or the synagogue, but because of the COVID 19 we are forced to change our habits and preferences and that means that some of us are isolated and alone.

Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely!

Wherever you are on the second night of ROSH HASHANA the – 19th of September. We care that you won’t stay or feel alone and invite you to join us for a meaningful SEDER online.

So from the cosiness and comfort of your place with a glass of wine or grape juice for kiddush and your favorite simanim food,  join us on zoom.

The sesion won’t be translated on Facebook so you can even be in your pajamas ( since there is a custom to dress in all  new clothes, better find a new one 🙂 )

From us is the company and leading the SEDER. From you is to register ( in order to get the zoom room link) and to show up and participate. 

P.S. check the recipes for ideas or full simanim menu.

This event was made possible through the ROI Community Grassroots Events program.

And is absolutely free for you.

 This a big thank you to the ROI community 

Somehow because of the current COVID 19 situation  for many of us this year is different. 

 but if because of the you know what you are you are isolated from your beloved ones 

We used to celebrate New Year with friends and family, gather in the synagogue and community centers, but unfortunately are forced to stay home…

Mark Kovnatskiy

Musician, None

Mark Kovnatskiy is a widely traveled and highly acclaimed violinist, composer, lecturer and expert in Yiddish dances based in Hamburg, Germany.

He has performed and taught at many music festivals around the world from the USA and Canada to Japan. In addition to his projects such as the Semer EnsembleEngel EnsembleTorah ImagesHamburg Klezmer BandJoel Rubin Ensemble, Fialke and Silja Mark has performed as a guest musician with SocalledDobranotch, Efim Chorny, Painted Bird and Forshpil, among others. He teaches Yiddish music and dance internationally.

Mark has worked with orchestras such as the Musica Viva (RU), Augsburger Philharmoniker (GER), Aurora Orchestra (UK), INSO Lviv (UA) and Weimar Staatskapelle (GER).

Sheindl Copitman

Photographer, Projectmaker

Sheindy is originally from Chisinau, Moldova, and has been involved in the Jewish community since childhood. In 2012 she took part in the one year program at Paideia and was inspired to carry out her current photography project.  She came up the idea to use photography to show Jewish society from a new perspective. The project, called Jews Around Me, is a travelling portrait and video exhibition that captures the diverse faces of Jews in different countries and communities throughout the continent. In each location new portraits of the Jewish community members. So far the project has traveled to eleven cities in five countries: Ukraine, Italy, Moldova, Sweden and Poland. At 2017 sh invented new and unique project called “Torah Images” 

 Torah Images is a series of Art exhibitions that’s unites 3 Arts: photography, painting and music. Exhibitions are interactive and have great educational influence. The project is a union of three artists: photographer Shendy Copitman, artist Maria Sclearenco and famous klezmer violinist Mark Kovnatskiy. This exhibition was displayed in Moldova, Germany, Israel and Switzerland and this year have traveled to Japan.